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Immune: Flower and Seed Essence Combination

immuneimmune flower essence combination bottle
£ 6.95 each Weight: 100 g



Vascillious campagnula drabiflora . When we suffer from a cold or other viral infection the whole of our energetic system is affected: the colours of the aura become less bright and intense, the shapes are less defined, movement within the energy fields is slower, more sluggish. Vascillious serves humanity by activating the parts of our being which are under-performing. It is therefore an excellent remedy to take when systems are low, restoring healthy and vital colours and patterns into our aura.

Chaparral chaparro amargosa . This desert cactus is a very powerful plant with many therapeutic uses. Its effect upon the energetic body is to cleanse and align the meridian system. This in turn stimulates the immune and circulatory systems as well as releasing toxicity stored in the body.

Bo ficus religiosa is a tree native to India . Mythology states that it was under this tree Buddha gained enlightenment. Bo has been included in the combination to address the problems of a depleted immune system that have arisen out of long term fatigue. The continual leaking or erosion of our energy through worry, long term illness or stressful life style leaves the aura tired, in need of a holiday. Nourishment is a key word to describe the effect of Bo upon our energetic body; it feeds us up, replenishing our depleted energies.

Jasmine jasmine officinalis . Certain flower essences have powerful effects upon the physical body, Jasmine is one. It is the remedy for the sinuses, nasal passages, the throat and lungs when there is mucous present. It helps clear these areas of mucous and provides an energetic impulse to the body which helps it regulate mucous in the system.

Pansy viola tricolour . This is the remedy which directly affects most forms of viruses. Pansy is the remedy to zap the bugs. It is most effective when the first signs of infection are felt. It is wise to start taking the combination as the initial symptoms emerge to nip it in the bud. Another way of working with the combination is to use it in a precautionary manner, to regularly take the drops to keep the immune system healthy and fighting fit.

Seed Essence Red Clover Trifolium pratense. Seeds have a protective quality that is transferred to the essence.

Dose: 4 drops on tongue, 4 times daily.

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