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May 2019 News and Offers
3 New Remedies Made this Spring
Lunar Wood Anenome
Lunar Wood Anenome is for souls, who in a previous life, have suffered greatly when one or more of the basic physical structures that supported their lives broke down.  Such souls could have suffered from lack of food or home or other circumstances that led to a debilitating lack of security.  
The loss may have occurred through a collective disaster such as famine, racial/religious persecution, forced exile or war (see also Lunar Hawksbeard).  However, the disaster could equally have been a personal affair caused by such things as loss of health or other tragic personal circumstances that led to the breakdown of the structures that support life.  Lunar Wood Anenome also works within family karma, such as the ruin of the self or the family through unwise behaviour or tragic circumstances or the loss of someone close who supported the structures that provided the security in which life could thrive and prosper.   There are many stories with their variants that could lead the soul to suffer in a the way which would suggest the use of this flower remedy.
Wood Anenome was created immediately prior to and during the first colonisations of the continent of Atlantis from Lemuria.  A key quality that was so very important during this stage of humanity’s evolution was adjusting to transition because although the aspiration and preparation to move to Atlantis took many thousands of years, it still was a highly stressful event.  Wood Anenome was one of the plants that emerged to soothe this painful process.

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Oak Bud
Oak Bud brings a healing quality to the process of transition.  Use this remedy when there is need for adjustment, adaptation, change and alteration.  It is particularly useful when metamorphosis is involved.  Oak Bud works at the potential stress point where one cycle ends and another begins, helping to ease the passage between the old and the new. 
Some suggested uses for Oak Bud.
for tapping our inner strength when life becomes polarised.
for finding the light in the darkness.
to remove the old wood and let the new through.
for shock.
at the end of one cycle and beginning of the next – renewal, regeneration, transformation, transcendence.
when there is nothing in the all or all is in the nothing.
This remedy was made at Chudleigh by the boiling method at 2.05 pm on the 13th. April 2019.

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Lunar Euphorbia
Lunar Euphorbia is for souls who have lived a previous life where they were in a constant state of vulnerability.  They were most likely exposed to attack for a prolonged period of time, either physical or emotional, and the trauma still resides in the light body.  Such souls, in a previous life, would have lacked protection and support and would have been constantly fearful, apprehensive, anxious, unable to relax, never feeling safe, threatened by others, unable to trust others.
Lunar Euphorbia works with the dysfunctional patterns carried by the soul that have their roots in social connections.  This flower remedy can be used when the trauma has been created by animosity and the hatred of others.  The wounds that past life social criticism, discrimination, stigmatisation and the consequential experiencing of maltreatment will respond to this remedy.
Lunar Euphorbia can be used specifically for past life agoraphobia.   
Whilst we inhabited Lemuria our bodies gradually materialised.  Euphorbia was created when the need arose to make subtle adjustments to our spiritual development.   Euphorbia reminded us of the sanctity of home, the eternally safe place we were leaving.

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Background to the Making of these 3 Spring Remedies

I’ve startedwriting this as the night of Holy Thursday slips into Good Friday under a full moon.  Down in the quarry, a couple of minutes walk from here, I am making Lunar Euphorbia.  On a rock sits a bowl of water with the flowers of the Euphorbia that grows so profusely in our garden.  It is one of the three remedies I have been making this spring inspired by Heidi.
Last spring I was unable to go for walks in Nature without Heidi by my side.  I put her in the ground wearing her walking boots but she just came back out striding through the flora.  Everywhere I looked I sensed her: the trees, the flowers, the rivers, the walks we had done, the Earth; it was just too painful to go out and connect with Nature.
However, this spring I found myself picking wild garlic in the woods and realised I was able to reconnect once more.  So I walked and Heidi was at my side, holding my hand as much as she could in her ethereal form.  Later, when I reflected upon her presence by my side, my mind rested upon the image on the front of Gurudas’ book, the image I have shared with you in the previous newsletter.

I became aware of her behind me and I turned to see the wood anenomes growing on a bank and thought it would be a beautiful remedy to capture under moonlight.  In fact as the thought became more manifest I could not understand why I hadn’t made it into a Moon Flower before; it seemed a perfect candidate.  And it was.  I had to wait a few days for the Moon to wax to full but then went back to the same spot in the woods soon after the Sun had set, when the light was dipsy.  I was a little concerned that I wouldn’t be able to find enough flowers in the gloom, especially as they had only just started to flower.  However, they shone out through the darkness and the few days wait proved perfect as enough had indeed come into flower to be able to make a remedy. 
As I picked the flowers and placed them in the bowl of water someone fired a gun in the near distance.  There was another shot and then another and I thought perhaps I should wait until they had finished killing whatever they were hunting.  The shooting carried on so I did too, not allowing it to become a distraction.  However, I became acutely aware of the shooting once more when it increased to such an extent that it sounded like there were several people shooting guns.  At this point I had covered the bowl of water in flowers but the shooting continued to intensify until reached a crescendo sounding like a firework display.  Then it suddenly stopped.  How bizarre!
I always note the time of making in order to draw up a horoscope of the birth of the remedy when I return home and wait three hours for the remedy to cook.  I was particularly interested to see how the martial planet Mars would weave into the fabric of the horoscope, as it was so prominent in the woods at the time of making.
This is a horoscope drawn up for the making of a Moon Flower, so the Moon is a dominant feature.  You can see the way the Moon ☾ links up with Mars ♂ and the Saturn/Pluto conjunction   forming the blue-lined equilateral triangle at the centre, a dominant feature of the horoscope.  The full moon indicator in the horoscope is the red line extending from the Moon, directly across the centre, to the Sun ☉, in conjunction with Chiron, the planet of the Wounded Healer (symbolised by the key) and all this on the equinox line, the line that splits the zodiac in two. 
Another of the apexes in the triangle, the Saturn and Pluto conjunction, has the red line of opposition running up to the Moon’s north node , which is very important in the context of a Moon Flower.  In fact, if you look closely at the centre circle you can pick out 4 sides of a blue-lined hexagram taking in all the planets I have mentioned.  This is a stunningly beautiful, symmetrical and intense horoscope.

A little while later I went to take a photo of the wood anenomes but got distracted and ended coming back home with springs of oak buds to boil, as Dr. Bach had done when he made his Chestnut Bud.  They had come from a single very mature stand-alone oak in the middle of a field.  There was a fissure in the trunk, running to the ground.  I could put my hand into the tree and follow its curve around, explore deeper in the oak than my eyes could go.  I pulled out a large piece of rotten wood and rapidly stepped back when it gave off alarming amounts of dust.  I examined it closely once the wind had blown the rot away.  Such an intimate and interesting image of a tree decaying and I thought how much Heidi would have been fascinated by it as a work of art. 
I broke off some budding twigs from low hanging branches and started to give some serious thought to the uses of Oak Bud remedy.  I walked around the oak.  On one side the oak was majestic, cathedral like, while on the other there was this deep, dark gapping wound.  I was drawn one more to the oak’s interior but this time I had the sprigs in my hand, so I placed them inside; put the new life into the old life.
The making of Lunar Wood Anenome had been such a perfect experience that I wanted to repeat it at the next full moon.  As I was walking down to the woods to look for another flower, I came to the realisation that I hadn’t given any thought to where I was to search, returning to the same spot Heidi had shown me the wood anenome had been instinctive.  When I got there and looked I had to go and find a log to sit on, I was stunned.  Amongst the rich variety of flowers I came across two small sprigs of euphorbia. 
Last year Heidi manifested through a profusion of euphorbia that grew in our front garden.  Euphorbia aligns with the ray of the moon, the mother.  It was Heidi staying close.  For me, euphorbia has become a symbol of Heidi and so to see it, not in our garden but at this spot in the woods caused me to sit down.  I could see no more than the two small sprigs but decided to use the flowers in our garden to make Lunar Euphorbia.

Forthcoming Workshops
Karmic Healing Weekend Workshops

Devon  Saturday 8th. and Sunday 9th. June 2019
Northumberland    Saturday 15th. and Sunday 16th. June 2019
We all possess deep wounds within our soul, carried across from previous lives.
These wounds help shape considerably our personality and fate.
However, the events of previous lives that created these dysfunctional patterns are not remembered on a conscious, or in many cases, subconscious level.
Could a recollection of past life actions, mistakes or trauma help us to understand better the foundations upon which our current life is formed?
This workshop combines teachings from the Ancient Wisdom, Astrology and the Moon Flowers to open your perception to your past lives and the karma that has been carried through to the present incarnation.
During the weekend the following topics will be covered:
Using the Moon Flowers as a door to access the past.
  • An Astrological perspective on karma
  • Shedding light on some of the karmic influences of your own horoscope.
  • Exploring some of the repertory of the Moon Flowers
  • Crystal meditations into the past
  • Exploring our own karmic pain
  • Philosophical chats about the soul, karma and reincarnation
The Moon Flowers will be available to freely work with over the weekend and can be purchased at our discounted student rate.
The cost of the weekends is £110 (vegetarian lunches included at our home in Devon).
Northumberland Bookings and enquires to Phillippa 01434 607288 
Devon Bookings and inquires to Simon 01626 854289.

Flower Essence Workshop: Healing the Chakras
Held in Northumberland at Dilston Physic Garden
Saturday 31st August 2019 10am – 2pm (half day course)
As the natural water extractions of flowers, flower essences are taken internally to help rebalance body, mind, emotions and spirit. On this practical workshop learn how to make your own flower essence, connect with the nature devas and explore the healing effect of flower essences, focusing on the chakras. Phillippa Lee is a flower essence and energy therapist. £45 including drinks & cake and a flower essence to take away. To book contact Phillippa This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

From Phillippa
I work as a flower essence practitioner and healer – for some of the time. In my other life I am a glass artist. I tend to sell my pieces on chakra workshops and in galleries and shops. I love to work with the chakra colours and also to make images that have a mystical or natural feel about them. I also make and sell jewelry.

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Simon writes:

Happy New Year!

Heidi and I have been hard at work extending the Seed Essence Repertory so that each seed essence now has one or more key words associated with it.   This extension to the repertory is already proving an interesting and valuable resource in our own practitioner work.

Seed Essences are made in exactly the same way as flower remedies but with the seeds rather than the flowers of the plant.  They are also used in exactly the same way as flower remedies, 4 drops on the tongue or in a glass of water.

The numbers after the key words refers to the group(s) the seeds resonate most strongly with.  An understanding of the 7 Groups will help to deepen appreciation of the key words.

Learn more about the 7 Groups

Key Words and Group Alignments

Aquilegia stillness 3

Ash creativity 6

Blackthorn aspiration 6

Bugloss resilience 1

Buttercup respect 2

Carob maturing, growth 2, 6

Chilli clarity 6

Dandelion cosmic seed 7

Dock birth 5

Enchanter's Nightshade darkness 4

Euphorbia fear, inspiration 4, 6

Fig value, recovery, magic 2, 3, 4

Foxglove wisdom, hope/expectation 2, 4

Fumatory letting go, independence 3

Goat's Beard adjustment 5

Goose Grass protection, expectancy, direction 1, 4, 6

Gorse vigour 5

Groundsel maturity, growth 5, 6

Holly defenceinheritance 1, 2

Honesty security, relaxation, trust, cosmic seed 1, 3, 5, 7

Ivy-leafed Toadflax realisation, nurture 2, 5

Ivy fresh 5

Jerusalem Sage fullfillment, invention 3, 4

Laurel ancestral blessing 2

Mallow endurance, disconnect 1, 3

Marigold-pot memory, insemination 2, 4

Mexican Fleabane change, naivety, expansive 4, 5, 6

Mullein belief 6

Nigella agitation 3

Oat panic 3

Parichka youthfulness 5

Poppy strength, meaning 5, 6

Purple Loosestrife hidden 4

Red Campion stature 6

Red Clover planting 4

Red Valerian learning the lessons, safety 1, 2

Rose conviction 5

Rosemary persistence 1

Scabious unknown 4

Scarlet Pimpernel slowing down, beginnings 3, 5

Shepherd's Purse complexity 6

Sow Thistle rest/recuperation 3

Spear Thistle rejuvenation 5

Sunflower accessing the past, sleep 2, 3

Sweet Cicely transformation, creativity 4, 6

Tobacco-wild transition, promise 4, 6

Vine confidence, development 5, 6

White Clover calmness, death, expression 3, 4 ,6

Willowherb-pale fertile, destiny 5, 6

Wood Aven patience, salvation, freshness, purposeful, cosmic seed 1, 4 ,6, 7

 More detailed descriptions of all the seeds can be found on the website

The Seed Essences are on special offer, 33% off on the web site, for the whole of January


Spring Weekend Workshops

Two workshops are planned here at our home in Chudleigh


Seed Essence Workshop

Saturday 19th and Sunday 20th March

Read More


Karmic Healing Workshop

Saturday 16th. and Sunday 17th April 2016

Read More


An interesting letter we recently received.

Simon, I don't mind you sharing my letter with our customers/clients/students.  I will be very interested  in any comments or insights that your students/clients may have that could be useful to me.

Dear Simon

Thank you so much for blending my chosen flower remedies for my chronic fatigue - which I have had for 40 years since I got German Measles and 'Flu together just after my Dad died when I was 17, which I consider the shock and grief as being the obvious trigger(and I also had Glandular 'Flu when I was 6.)

On the actual day I phoned you I had tripped over the pavement 'cos I was rushing to the Doctor's (funnily enough !)to get the results of my final blood test for under active thyroid/liver/vitamins/diabetes etc. which all proved to be functioning normally.

So I realised that because I am at my wit's end with it, hardly sleeping and very low, I would have to concentrate again on alternative help and phoned you as I had Full Moon inspiration about the blend I should be taking next.

I have been taking it for the last two weeks and in that time the following things have happened

An ex nurse, spiritual healer and crystal therapist friend, has given me some kelp tablets to boost my iodine.

A new neighbour has sorted their shed and given me two big bags of kindling (to get my fire started ?!)

My oldest friend, from when we worked together in a chemist when we were in our teens, has sent me two big pure white Swan's feathers ("coincidentally" from where I lived when my Dad died) for use in purification magic.

Another friend, who is a medium and counsellor,  is moving to Malta and can't take any cleaning products/foodstuffs/liquids/candles/homeopathy into the country so has given me a big box full of aromatherapy oils/herbal teas/incenses/flower remedies etc. which will all help heal me and to be very clean on all levels ! 

She also gave me an early Yule gift of a large pendant that i can hang in a tree of a hare jumping over the Moon which she said hoped would help me take a big leap forward.......which of course needs a huge amount of ENERGY.

My Doctor has suggested she refer me to the Chronic fatigue Clinic in Exeter where they can give me suggestions on how to manage my energy.

Also as I fell I banged my head and my knee, I had to REST for a few days and then my car started mis firing and stalling (no sparks of energy ?!) and I took the garage a week to find the problem ! Consequently I couldn't drive or walk far anyway because of my knee injury and not having a car.  So again I had to mainly stay at home and REST.

I know to a skeptic all these small events wouldn't mean anything but when looked at together I think they are hugely significant and show that the remedies are working away beneath the surface.  Also I do feel a bit better in my soul so I am sure they are working anyway.

I know you like to know what happens when people take your remedies so I just thought that I would send you this update for your interest and to say thank you for the added oomph that you gave my blend on the Full Moon.

I will contact you again when I need the next mixture............

Wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas.

With love and best wishes for 2016.

I have put this letter in the Forum where, if you log in, can post any comments or insights.  Follow the link below


In the next newsletter we will feature more work on the Seed Essences.

All the Remedies Featured in this Newsletter are on Special Offer for November


Simon writes:

The Sun's movement into Scorpio on the 23rd October coincides with the period of the year when we move our clocks back one hour.   It is one of those powerful celestial moments reflected in the Earth's northern hemishere as the beginning of the short days and long nights, the bite of the cold when we can no longer pretend that winter is not just around the corner and the Earth is fast emptying of its life.  On this day I boarded a plane on the shores of the Black Sea with strong winds sweeping down from Russia, stinging our faces with rain not far removed from sleet.  

Death is a core theme of Scorpio, the seed's burial in the Earth for later resurrection.  We are moving into the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain, All Hallow's Eve, when the veil between the living and the dead thins and our ancestors draw close.  At this time of year the ancient Greeks remembered Chiron, their Wounded-Healer saviour god, who relinquished his immortality and his earthly suffering to descend into the Underwold for nine days before rising into the heavens as the constelation of Centaurus. 

Deep and profound are the energies that weave themselves together to create the celestial scorpion.

scorpio astrological symbol

Flower Remedies Aligning to Scorpio

Each of the twelve signs encapsulates one of the twelve lessons of the soul.  The Scorpionic soul lesson is concerned with learning how to let go.  There are many flower remedies that align themselves to the energies and qualities of Scorpio and help the soul develop and evolve, learn it's lessons.

Within the Bach repertory it is Chicory.  This remedy is one of the first twelve Bach made, one of his original 'Twelve Healers', all of which align to the signs of the zodiac.  Chicory is used when there is possessiveness, overly demanding, needy expressions of love, negative ways of getting attention and self-centeredness.

Oregano is other remedy of release.  When we release we give up control and influence. This essence allows us to see with more clarity that we do not have to hold on, we can surrender the reins of power to something beyond ourselves.

Fuchsia too is concerned with release, deep cathartic release.

The depth within the emotional life of Scorpio is intense, deep and dark, like a volcano it can emerge into the light of the day, dramatic, intense, difficult to control, leaving us feeling confused, exposed and embarressed.  Jealousy, hatred and anger are emotions strongly associated with this sign of the zodiac, along with bitterness and inability to forgive.

Holly is the first port of call for scorpionic emotions.  Jealousy and suspicion, envy and revenge, suffering inner torment of negative and destructive feelings, losing touch with love, self-hatred, is how Bach described those in need of this remedy.

Cardoon thistle is the remedy for those who feel wronged and desire revenge.

Sedge flower essence is for a deep and bitter anger. It is for those who brood on their misfortune. Such individuals may be prone to taking out their own anger and frustration on others.

Each sign of the zodiac governs an area or zone of the body.  Scorpio is associated with the genitals, where intense and secretive emotions are stored.

Basil flower essence can be used when there is a sense of shame, guilt or disgust around sex. Basil heals the separation experienced between sexuality and spirituality which is so often aggravated by cultural taboos and stereotypes. Consider using Basil for those who have developed unhealthy sexual desires.

Twelve is an archetypal or magical number, resonating with many other systems apart from astrology.  Christ has his twelve apostles and Hercules his twelve tasks.  The scorpionic disciple was Judas while the heculean task was the killing of the Hydra and taking the posionous blood from the monster.  These two archetypes combine in the Asphodel flower remedy which is for deep cleansing and purging. This is an excellent flower essence to use when there is a sense of being tainted, unclean, contaminated or poisoned in some way.

Scorpionic consciousness occurs when we are forced into a corner, a life or death situation, where everything becomes crystal clear in either black or white.  It is in these situations that we are forced to change or transform like a caterpillar into a butterfly.  The remedy to assist this process is Crimson Pea.  Crimson Pea is an essence that assists the soul through the process of personal transformation. It helps us appreciate the healing gifts that we receive at these times of great stress and inner tension. It is very useful for those involved in the process of dying and those witnessing and supporting the dying.




A while back we were getting regular order for the Moon Flowers from a man in America.  Every month or so he would order a few more to add to his growing collection.  I was intrigued and googled his name to see if he was perhaps a therapist, buying the remedies for his clients.  What came up on the search was not a therapist but a musician, like myself playing sax but other instruments too.  

When his next order came through I emailed him, pointing out the musical connection between us and enquiring if he was also a therapist.  No, he was just buying them for himself and offered to write an article.  Here it is.  He asked to remain anonymous.

I’ve always been fascinated by the holistic path, probably because no matter how strong I make my body, chemicals often make me wither. Much of my life I’ve been challenged by irritating respiratory allergies, and every standard medication I’ve tried has made me feel worse. The drugs that might free me of the symptoms would also instill such an “off” feeling, I’d wish I’d only had the allergies. I’m a teacher and in the entertainment business, and feeling “off” is not an option. So for years I’ve lived in different environments, experimented with fasting, diet, herbs, supplements, bodywork, acupuncture, yoga and many kinds of exercise, all very helpful, but my most effective practice has been meditation. I became hooked by its deep peace and mental stillness that simultaneously expanded my awareness. For me this became my ultimate “on.”

I was now in touch with a greater reality than just my body, but my body’s allergic reaction became my guide showing me where and when I needed to grow. I’ve practiced a wide variety of meditation, usually with the goal to harmonize my energy in spite of the asthma, the stuffed sinuses, the coughing, etc. I’ve even practiced it with no ideas, no goals, just release.  But it was when my meditations led me to visceral memories I couldn’t have had in this lifetime, that I realized there was an undeniable source in past lives. These memories are flashes of emotion, quick scenes flooded with panic or frustration—and for a while, just sitting calmly with them was enough to release my symptoms and make me feel whole. But my life and probably most of our lives are a kind of school, and my allergies were not going to let me graduate yet. They roared back even with my new awareness, my higher consciousness. So I found an experienced past life hypnotist, and the same old emotional scenes emerged, now much more clearly. And once again my allergies diminished—for a while. They’re back again, and among my best tools are the Aquarius Moon Flower Remedies. I’ve purchased many of them, finding Simon’s descriptions for them truly accurate.

I suspect we live and reincarnate in a circular way, working through old and desperate patterns matched with utterly new challenges. I’ve found great comfort from Moon Snow for its ability to calm the old “panic,” from Lunar Ivy, to make clean what feels tainted, from Lunar Sweet Pea, to remind me “there is enough air,” from Lunar Snowdrop, to reassure me “my life is a precious opportunity.” I use several other moon remedies on occasion and have always found them helpful. Even the ones that don’t apply to me have been helpful. I think the reason for this is that each remedy wakes up the soul memory, and just that alone is enough to bring in a new, more awakened power, which helps me rise above things like allergies. The remedies are obviously made with loving care and great wisdom, and I hope my words will encourage others to drink in their peace.

Below are the descriptions of the Moon Flowers mentioned in this article


The vast majority of our work here at Aquarius, as a flower essence practitioners and producers, is done at distance. The requests for individual remedies come over the phone or via email. Some of the telephone voices are well known to me as I have been sending them remedies for many years but rarely do I get to put a face to their voices, see where they live or understand them beyond the confines of what they disclose. We send the remedies out to the wholefood and health food shops we supply, they are put on the shelves, their customers buy them and yet we know nothing about these people we are helping through our combinations.

Imagine my pleasure therefore when, at a wedding I recently attended as a muscian the bride turned out to have bought one of our combination bottles.

This was the first time I had come face to face with one of our customers in a social situation. We were standing in her kitchen the morning after, cups of tea in hand. Kids were buzzing around and the early birds were stirring for breakfast. The person who had been asleep on the setee had given up and looked as if she was slightly regtetting the final glasses of wine she had drunk around the bonfire in the small hours.

The newly wed, still in her dressing gown, wanted my contact details to keep in touch. I told her to google Aquarius Flower Remedies and contact me through the website.

"Oh," she exclaimed. "So your the Aquarius man. I have one of your remedies."

"Which one?" An unusual spontaneous chance to conduct some market research was presenting itself. She went to her pantry, came back and handed me a bottle of our AntiStress. "Have you found it useful?" I enquired.

"I haven't used it yet. I haven't had time."

I laughed and placed it one the shelf next to the teas. "Keep it here. Everytime you see it you'll be reminded to take it."

She went on to tell me how flower remedies had an immediate and powerful effect upon her. The previous day she had been given regular doses of Elm from the Bach repertory. Elm is for those who are feeling temporarily overwhelmed. My mind immediately recalled her sitting next to her husband to be during their beautiful indian style wedding ceremony, surrounded by 250 people, tears streaming down her face.

The talk turned to different forms of treatment and others chipped in with what worked and didn't work for them and their family members. I told them about the teenage son of one of our band members who had just informed me before our turn on stage that his troubled son changed completely after taking just one drop of the remedy I had recently sent.  Such dramatic results are not that uncommon.  I went on to tell them of the only piece of market research Aquarius Flower Remedies has ever conducted.  It was in the days when we sent the newsletter out through the postal system.  We had included a single question questionaire: 'How effective have you found found flower remedies to be?' 1- not effective at all up to 5 - very effective.  I decided to add 0 - negative or side effect,s and at the other end of the spectrum, 6 - miraculous.  Of those that responded no one had circled the zero while one third had circled the 6.  Flower remedies do not work for everyone, no form of medicine does.  However if you do respond to these gentle and magical essences of nature I would consider you to be one of the lucky ones.

I took my leave early on the Sunday morning as I had a three hour drive back home where I had left my two unattended teenages with strict instructions not to have a party in the absence of both parents.  My son had said that if they did manage to burn the house down he would sweep the chard remains into the greenhouse so I wouldn't notice.  So kind!

Flower remedies mentioned in this article


Simon writes:

In the wilds of Northumberland, where I lived for twenty years, stands a stone avenue, just to the north of a volcanic dolerite outcrop that snakes it way through the county called The Whin Sill.  Stone avenues are rare and this one, in the middle of a barren landscape, is surrounded by an earth ditch.  The site is about two acres in size.  It’s an ancient camp where the scattered peoples of the area would have met, perhaps twice a year, certainly at the full moon, to trade, share, exchange information, celebrate, mix their bloods….  They built the stone avenue as the focal point of the camp and would have used it for rituals centred around initiations into life, marriages and deaths.

I was reminded of this ancient and remote site after being at a modern day equivalent rainbow camp, sharing a field for ten days with some 500 people aged between 3 months and 82 years of age.  In this tented community the business of sharing skills and knowledge, making new friends, meeting old friends, filled the days and nights.  I worked on the camp, rather than buying a ticket, running workshops in geodesic domes on ‘Karmic Healing with the Moon Flowers’.   I also worked in the Healing Area, dowsing flower remedies for those who came for treatments. 

Living together communally meant that by the end of the camp a synchronicity had developed, we had become a tribe.  In the healing area I observed this process of increasing meaningful connections whilst dowsing remedies.  In one session, near the end of our time together, everyone I dowsed had one remedy in common: Moon Rush, the remedy to help us separate from commitments, vows or promises that were made to souls in previous lives but are no longer appropriate in the present incarnation.

One person had the Moon Rush remedy alongside Lunar Michaelmas Daisy.  Michaelmas Daisy is indicated when we are still fighting battles with individuals over power, possessions and control that have raged in previous lives.  She talked about the unfulfilling nature of an intimate relationship and I pointed out the message from the flowers; it is time to give this relationship up. 

Another had Moon Rush alongside Lunar Bindweed.  Bindweed is for a fear of death that has been carried through into the present incarnation from a highly traumatic past life experience.  This person talked about the death of their grand parents, some seven years earlier, who had brought the children up in the absence of parents.  I talked about karmic debt, where it is common for souls to take on reverse roles in subsequent life times in order to balance the karma.  The inclusion of Moon Rush suggested that there would be no need for the souls to do this in future lives; the karmic debt cycle could be finished in this lifetime. 

The next person I dowsed for had Moon Rush alongside Passion Flower essence, the Chakra Flower Essence for the heart chakra.  Often the karmic wounds highlighted by the Moon Flowers are held within the charkas or auric layers of the light body.  In this case I sensed a dark centre to their heart chakra from which threads were extending.  These threads were becoming twisted and caught up in the revolving chakra.  They needed to be cleared.  All who came for treatments left with a bottle containing various flower remedies that included Moon Rush.

In one of the many geodesic domes on site I conducted a workshop on Atlantean Karma.  I used a mixture of astrology and one of the Moon Flowers, Lunar Coltsfoot, to access the residue of consciousness the soul carries through from these most ancient of past lives.  Pluto is the indicator of an ancient past life that was so great, powerful and influential it is still relevant to the soul in the current incarnation.  I painted a simple picture for each of the participants of their Atlantean life using the Pluto configuration within their horoscope and then we all laid down and took the Lunar Coltsfoot to awaken these most distant of memories.  Some very powerful emotions came to the surface and there were tears and hugs in our circle.

I certainly didn’t spend all my time on camp working with the flower remedies and astrology; there was an abundance of stuff to get involved with and I did, especially with the music.  On one day I had three rehearsals and two performances.  Needless to say the next day I did very little.

A couple of days before we went to the camp my son came running in to say there was a video of me on the internet.  It turned out to be of the previous year’s camp, so I thought I would share it with you to give you a flavour of this type of experience (I’m the one on the flute).  You need to either click on the following link  or it may be hovering at the top of your Newsletter.  Its called Super Spirit Snippets



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Until the end of September 2015 we have a special offer on the past life Moon Flower Remedies.

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Empty Mind


empty mind

This is a picture of Heidi in her Shiatsu tee shirt.  The meaning of the characters is Empty Mind and refers to the state of mind that is best suited when giving a Shiatsu treatment.  An empty mind is a mind that has no preconceptions about the person being treated, does not allow the therapist's own internal agenda to impinge upon the diagnosis and treatment and does not put any expectations upon the results that may or may not arise out of the treatment.

This empty state of mind is also the perfect mind set to adopt when dowsing for flower remedies.  Sometimes I will know a little or perhaps even alot about the individual I'm dowsing for but it is important that I keep this knowing and busy part of my mind out of the dowsing.  Keeping an empty mind allows only the subtle tensions in the muscles to influence the pendulum.  After the dowsing I can then add further remedies using the repertory, if it seems appropriate.


Three new essences and remedies to report so far this year. 




A stunning month of May had us making the most of the weather and taking in all the beauty!  Walking in the wild flower meadows is so exhilarating.  It's like being at a festival with thousands of flowers instead of humans.


elder flowers on lap

Elderlap.  Not for flower remedies but elderflower champagne. 



iriin meadow

Stunning Iris in the wet meadows.  Such a pleasant shock to come across so elegant plants where the cows graze.



heidi keep

Heidi enjoys getting lost in the woods.


unknown flower

It's always good to come across flowers we don't recognise.  Do you know what it is?



An unusual colour for a red campion.  We noticed other species with unusual colours this May.



Do you recognise the barn in this photo?

Do you Dowse?

The answer to this question is,  'Yes, of course.'  Everyone dowses, or at least, everyone can dowse.  In my opinion there is no special skill or talent to dowsing, it's a natural ability or instinct we all possess, just like breathing. 

I play several musical instruments and the ones I play the best are the ones I play the most.  Practice and confidence are two vital factors in the ability to make a good sound on any instrument and also to obtain good results with a pendulum or any other dowsing tool.  I started dowsing when I first became involved with flower remedies xxxx years ago, practicing and gaining confidence with the Chakra Flower Essences.  We use to attend fairs and festivals demonstrating diagnostic dowsing of the chakras.  We got a person to sit on a chair at our stall and we would suspend our pendulum in each of the seven major chakras in turn.  If the pendulum swung clockwise that indicated the chakra was open, balanced and drawing in sufficient life force or prana, if the pendulum swung anticlockwise that indicated the chakra was blocked, unbalanced, weak and not drawing in sufficient life force into the aura.  We would then give the corresponding Chakra Flower Essence and dowse again to see how effective it had been on opening the chakra.

Each chakra has a set of qualities associated with it so from this very simple diagnostic technique, which only took a couple of minutes to perform, we were able to paint a picture about the person's health on various levels of their being, including the physical.  Over the course of a whole weekend we would be doing many hours of dowsing and giving of our results.  The feedback we received gave us the confidence to continue and develop the technique further.

Read more about the chakras and their qualities here.

There is one other vital factor when in comes to dowsing and that is the ability to keep one's own opinions, desires and ego out of the dowsing. It is a diagnostic tool that bypasses the limitations of your own biases, beliefs and lack of knowledge to identify the healing pathways, and we allow it to bypass all of this by keeping our mind out of the process.  For this reason I would not recommend dowsing for oneself, unless you are particularly practiced in the art of self-detachment.  Dowsing is a natural gift we all possess but  it needs to be used with a degree of wisdom and self-realisation, for the betterment of others and not the self.

There is really nothing mystical about the pendulum's movement during dowsing.  It is not caused by invisible forces but very small muscle movements in the arm which the pendulum, hanging on its chain, amplifies.  These involuntary muscle movements are generated in the parasympathetic nervous system, part of the autonomic nervous system that regulates everything going on in our body we are unaware of, such as heart beats, lung movements, intestinal and glandular activity etc.  So when we hold a pendulum with the intent to dowse and disengage our conscious mind from the process we are connecting more fully with our parasymathetic nervous system, which perhaps could be expressed in less scientific terms as getting in touch with our natural instincts.

Nowadays, through our Practitioner Service , my dowsing is done through our complete repertory of essences which is somewhere in the three hundreds.  Here is a recent example of how is works.


Message: I'm interested in buying a personalised essence for my cousin's 3rd born son. He started having infantile spasms at 6 months old and has severe autism at almost 4 years old. His mother had a traumatic birth (a lot of blood loss) and post-partum depression. I know there is a beautiful little boy aching to emerge from the beautiful boy who already is. I just need an essence that is made without alcohol and is as personalised as possible due to the variable nature of individuals with autism and the complicating factors of infantile spasms, steroid medication and many hospital trips.
Thank you, D

Dear D, I am more than happy to dowse a personal remedy for this little boy.  If you go to the website you can pay and send me the necessary postal details.  Please feel free to write more if you so wish. Lots of love, Simon

Hi Mr. France,
I ordered 2 custom remedies.  One for my son and one for my cousin's son.  The website didn't prompt me to give any details regarding the remedies.  Will I get an email asking for details? 

Dear D, thanks for your order and payment.  I don't need any information about the two boys, except for their names.  Just send them by reply to this email.
Love, Simon

Thanks Simon.  Please make these essences with glycerine instead of alcohol.
My cousin's son's name is J
My son's name is B
Thank you kindly,
With love,

Thanks for that D, I've had to order some glycerine which should arrive tomorrow.  When it arrives I'll dowse the remedies and write the reports to this email address then post the remedies.
How old is your son?
Love, Simon

My son is 2.5 years old. :) Thank you so much. I can tell you do this with such care and love. It's deeply appreciated.

Dear D,
These are the remedies I dowsed with descriptions from the website

Two of the Chakra Flower Essences came up
Celandine for the throat and Sage for the solar plexus

Indicators difficulty in self-expression, unaware of own needs and desires, suppression of self, introversion, sullen. Physical dis-ease of thyroid glands, mouth, vocal cords, trachea, cervical Complaints vertebrae, nervous system, speech impediments.  Attributes greater and clearer communication, speaking one's truth, diplomacy.

Solar Plexus
Indicators victim consciousness, lack of control, stress, domination or abuse of others, anger, aggression, fatigue. Physical dis-ease in the organs of digestion and purification - stomach, Complaints pancreas, liver, gallbladder, spleen - ulcers, diabetes.


The qualities of Sunflower flower essence are closely related to those of the astrological significance of the Sun. Therefore this flower remedy is a balancer of the ego. It helps us to shine and show our true self. Sunflower is also associated with the masculine aspect of self; it is useful for a poor relationship with one`s male self or father.Physical Indicators : poor posture, strains in the spinal column and heart disease; sunburn and heat exhaustion.  We use Sunflower flower essence in our "Fairy Magic" and "Self Empowerment" flower and seed essence combinations.

Blackberry for the stomach/spleen meridians
Typical Imbalances of the Stomach and Spleen Meridians - Overly sympathetic to others, over active mind at night, too much worrying, feeling restless, stomach problems, eating disorders, female reproductive problems, damp conditions that can cause fungal infections such as thrush and athlete's foot, easily startled by noises, craving sweet foods.

Hopelessly plodding on without thought of change, tendency to overwork and suffering in the process, obstinately sticking to things, even when pointless, not showing tiredness, exhaustion or ill-health, sliding into despair, possibly leading to breakdown, finding it difficult to let go, relax and rest properly.

And one seed essence Dandelion
The celandine, sage and sunflower are all pointing to lack of confidence in self-expression.  These remedies will help J in this department. In Traditional Chinese Medicine the meridians associated with blackberry relate to the  element of Earth.   Oak is one of Dr. Bach remedies that he assigned to the element of Earth.  Together these two remedies are about helping better ground J. The energies of seed essences suit children very well for they are like seeds, just beginning to grow and fulfill their potential.  The dandelion seeds, as in the dandelion clock, came up in the dowsing for J.  Seeds have the desire to express their full potential and seed essences help us do the same.

Lilac flower essence is an extremely important remedy for the back. It works upon all the chakras which are connected to the central light column that equates on the physical level with the spine. The Physical Indicators of lilac flower essence are back pain, spinal inflammation, pinched nerves in the spine, solidification of the vertebrae, lack of flexibility in the spine.

Lunar Michaelmas Daisy
LUNAR MICHAELMAS DAISY is asking to heal, through transformation, the battles which have raged between individuals in their previous incarnations. This remedy is able to address the tensions which continually surface in relationships from time to time that have their roots in past life power struggles. This remedy works particularly well within family karma.

Resentment and bitterness - mostly unspoken, carrying a grudge or chip on the shoulder, dissatisfaction, accepting help but unable to give in return.

Seed essence of Red Valerian

The description of lilac is focussed on the physical spine but if we interpret it as a human characteristic we arrive at the concept of having ‘backbone’. There is quite a strong theme displayed in this combination suggesting B is a strong willed lad who doesn’t like being told what to do by his parents.  Being pushed around in previous lives means it ain’t going to be pushed around this time around.  These remedies will help him assert himself in a balanced fashion and let go of his anger, bitterness and resentment towards authority figures.  Red valerian seed essence will help shape B’s self-expression.  Good luck with the Terrible Twos!
I hope I have managed to write something of value for you, and your cousin, D.  I will post the remedies tomorrow.
Love, Simon


you are amazing!  Thank you so much!  Spot on with B.  He's very loving and sweet but try to get him to do something he doesn't want to do...woah!  And it gets worse with discipline!

And J, beautiful J.  I just want to find our true J inside the beautiful boy who is so confused, tired and unable to express himself.

You truly have an amazing talent.

Deepest gratitude,

 Fair Warning of Open House in Bulgaria May 2016

Seven years ago I bought a house with an acre of land in a remote Bulgarian village, in the south east of the country.  I go across twice or thrice a year to work on the property and land, live the life an eastern European peasant, learn the language and culture.  On my last visit I finished the new build garage and laid the foudations for a swimming pool which I hope to complete later this year.  With the land I have planted a 50 plus fruit orchard and left the rest to turn into an organic wild flower meadow.  My intention next year is to go over for the month of May and make flower remedies from the flowers growing there. 

So I'm giving you fair warning of this unique opportunity to come across to my house, at any time during May 2016,  to learn how to make and get involved in the making of new flower remedies from Bulgaria.  Obviously you'll also have plenty of opportunity to experience the wider culture outside of the village. There's no charge, just buy me a beer and I'll be happy.  All you need do is get yourself to Bourgas airport and I'll pick you up.  Alternatively, if you fancy a bit of an adventure, you can drive overland.

Here's a few of my snaps to give you an idea what it is like.



On the Edge of My Village


She's just past her test!




First Day of Spring Celebrations


Walking in the Footsteps of Philip of Macedodea (father of Alexandria the Great)

at Kabali, Ancient Capital of Thrace. 




My New Build Garage, of which I am very proud.

Let me know if you would like to register an initial interest.  It's early days and much can happen before next May but I will feed through more information and answer questions.


May Special Offer

For the whole of the merry month of May we have our Therapeutic Foam Washes on special offer.  Normal price of £8.95 for 200 ml is reduced to £5.99

Our range of mild and therapeutic foam washes can be used as you would a normal foam bath or shower gel. Also suitable as a shampoo.  The base ingredients are: water, organic aloe vera, Alkyl ether sulphate & Mea lauryl sulphate (cleans and disperses oils, derived from palm oil) Amidoalkylbetaine (mild foaming agent) cold pressed Jojoba oil (conditioning) Wheatgerm oil, Hydroxyethyl-cellulose (food grade thickener from plant fibres) Preservative: Grapefruitseed extract & vitamin C, potassium sorbate, benzyl alcohol, phenoxyethanol, natural vit. E, A, D, B. 100% biodegradable.  We add our own unique vibrational Mediterranean flower oils and essential oils to create the different blends.
The 200ml bottles are glass, not plastic, to preserve the vibrational impulses of the added flower oils.

Click on the images below if you want to make a purchase.